Ayahashi Triathlon Information Part 1 ~ Event Schedule ~

“Ayahashi Triathlon Information Part 1 ~ Event Schedule ~”


Ayahashi Triathlon, a triathlon competition of prefectural athletic events, will take place on July 7th (Sun) with a following schedule.

〇 Event Schedule
Athlete Check-in / Baggage Drop-off: 7:30~8:30 ※not allowed after 8:30 for any reasons
Bike Check-in: 7:30~8:45 (observe strictly: subject to a penalty)
Practice Swim: 8:40~9:00
Opening Ceremony: 9:10~ ※attendance is mandatory
Race Start: 9:30
※Cut-off Time Swim/~11:00 Bike/~12:30 Run/~13:30 Race Finish: 13:30
Closing Ceremony: 14:00~ (subject to change)

※Age Group Awards are also presented. Please join us for the Awards.